PM Narendra Modi Visits Dubai Today Is Safe To Build Temple In Dubai Is He Correct

State head Narendra Modi has arrived in the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates on a two-day visit – – his seventh to the Bay country. He will have conversations with President Sheik Mohamed canister Zayed Al Nahyan, taking forward the continuous key organization.

  1. Upon his appearance, PM Modi was concurred the honorable watchman and he was invited by Leader of UAE Sheik Mohamed canister Zayed Al Nahyan with an embrace.

2 Other than respective discussions, PM Modi will likewise address world pioneers at the World Government Culmination in Dubai on February 14 at the greeting of the UAE VP.

3 PM Modi will initiate the notable BAPS Hindu Mandir – – the main Hindu sanctuary in the UAE – – and address expat Indians at a local area program in Abu Dhabi.

4 The notorious BAPS Hindu Mandir is worked north of 27 sections of land – – part of a 13.5-section of land parcel gave by the Crown Ruler of Abu Dhabi and delegate preeminent commandant of the UAE Military, Sheik Mohamed receptacle Zayed Al Nahyan, in 2015.

5 Prior to leaving, PM Modi shared a post on ‘X’, previously Twitter, featuring the recurrence of his visits designates “the need we connect areas of strength for to UAE companionship”. “I’m anxious to meet my sibling, HH @MohamedBinZayed,” his post read.

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