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5.1magnitude earthquake in Ventura County rocks parts of Southern California

Several aftershocks greater than magnitude-3.0 followed an earthquake near Ojai, about 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles on the same day a tropical storm hit Southern California for the first time in decades.




In Los Angeles, the city fire department went into earthquake mode and all 106 firefighters in the area were assessed for damage. “It’s interesting to have this place,” said seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones. “For the first time since 1932 we have five here and in the Ventura Basin. . Magnitude-5.Jones said there was an earthquake west of the 1941 Sunday quake. Some of the aftershocks caused by the 1994 Northridge earthquake occurred east of the site.

Jones Told more aftershocks are likely in the coming days. The hashtag #hurriquake quickly went viral on X after the earthquake early in the afternoon. The quake coincided with a rare tropical storm that hit the Los Angeles area for the first time in decades. For the first time in history, Southern California is on a tropical storm warning and most of Los Angeles County is on a flash flood warning, with rain expected Sunday night. No tropical storms have struck Southern California since September.On December 25, 1939, when the system lost hurricane status just before landing at Long Beach. The results were catastrophic. . million Southern Californians received urgent emergency alerts on their cellphones Sunday: the former a flash flood warning, the latter an earthquake warning in Ventura County.

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